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Suite Room

Enrich your stay in the suite room where you can enjoy
the luxury space, separate living and bed-room.

  • Bed Type
    1 Double bed
  • View
    Ocean View / Park View
  • Accommodated
    2 people(Maximum 3)
  • Check in / Check out
    15:00 / 11:00
  • Amenities샴프 컨디셔너 바디워시 (벽부형 디스펜서) / 비누 / 덴탈킷(치약,칫솔) / 샤워캡 / 베니티킷(면봉/화장솜)
  • Special Services전자레인지 / 토스터 / 티팟 / 커피머신(돌체구스터) / 인덕션 / 대형 냉장고 / 드럼 세탁기 / 시스템 에어컨 / 바닥 난방 / 일회용 티백
    *인덕션은 온돌객실과 스위트룸에서만 이용 가능합니다.
  • Information - Minors of 19 years or under (high school seniors or younger) are allowed when accompanied by a guardian
    - There will be additional costs other than the number of people regulated. (from 48 months and older)
    - Please comply with the check-in / check-out time. Check-in time: 15:00 / Check-out time 11:00
    - It is prohibited to cause discomfort to others due to high-pitched singing, etc., and it can be a reason for leaving the room.
    - We are not responsible for the loss of valuables in the room and in the vehicle.
    - For the sake of a pleasant environment and public hygiene, pets are prohibited from entering.
  • InquiriesE-mail.
    Tel. 1811-7711

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